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The Curious Case of Mismatched Libidos

Just for starters, it is important to reiterate that sex is God made and not man made or porn-made. God invented sex Aside from procreation, God’s intention was that the husband & wife would find pleasure and enjoyment together. Listen to what King Solomon said about sex in Ecc. 9:9 Enjoy life with your wife, […]

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The One Minute Man

There was a banger of a song, released by Missy Eliot & Timbaland in 2001, going by this title. When it came out then, we all laughed calling it ridiculous, what fool of a man is this who would last a minute in love making. 20 years later, this is the reality in many homes. […]

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The Big Bedroom Bully

A bully is basically someone who always wants their own way. It’s always their way or the high way. They use all kinds of schemes and tricks to ensure that they get what they want. Manipulation & mind games are their favourite cards to deal to others. Unfortunately, bullies grow up, get married and end […]

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