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Angie & Justin’s wedding was one for the record books. We had such mad, crazy fun all through their wedding day. Justin is famous for being in lots of ads including the very famous ‘Uko na charger?’ one. While Angie hosts ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ show on Maisha magic. So, definitely, it had to be all sorts of creative and pure fun. This post is about their amazing love story plus some of my favorite outtakes from their wedding.

Shout out the dream team that brought this fairytale to life

Celebrant :: iVow. Pastor Emmanuel Gachanja

Ceremony :: Sovereign Suites, Limuru

Reception :: Sovereign Suites, Limuru

Photo-session :: Sovereign Suites, Limuru

Bridal Gown :: Imported

Bridal Shoes :: Imported

Wedding Co-ordinator :: Valerie Nyambura

Bridal Jewellery :: Jit Gems

Groom’s Outfit :: Munga- Monoxrome

Maids’ Outfits :: Carol-G Fashions

Make Up Artist :: Bee the makeup addict

Hair :: Hair whisp of Crowned by Ronnie

Cake :: Dame Keki

Catering :: Sovereign Suites, Limuru

Decor ::  Magnolia events

Video:: Chris Sang & Frank Ireri

Entertainment/DJ ::  Sam Omol

MC :: Yafesi Musoke

Here is their beautiful, beautiful love story as told by Justin

The day was 1st June 2016. It was a sunny Wednesday which happened to be a public holiday. I (Justin) had just signed a contract to be one of the hosts on an upcoming game show, and on the said day, all four hosts of this show had been called in for a meeting with the client.


The meeting was scheduled to start at 2 pm, and I made sure to be there at least fifteen minutes before time. I got there and found two of the hosts had already arrived and were dressed to the nines (I had shown up in jeans, sneakers, and a rugby jersey). Now we were waiting for one more host so we could all proceed to the board room



At 2 pm sharp, the door to the client’s offices opened, and in walked the most beautiful lady I had seen. She had reddish braids tied in a stylish bun, a cute red dress, and black and gold heels


Her smile filled the room and her eyes were something out of a movie. This woman was smoking hot!!! We began the meeting with brief introductions, and I learned this belles name was Angela. She preferred going by Angie Mlay, and she was going to be one of the four hosts of the show.


For the remainder of the afternoon, I was speechless. Never had I been so taken by a person in this way. My participation in the meeting was limited to monosyllabic responses and non-verbal nods.


Everyone else seemed quite fine and the meeting went exceptionally well. We were given our rehearsal schedules for the next one month, as well as all the other things we needed to acquaint ourselves with before the show went live in slightly over a month.


We were paired up for rehearsals, Angie with Mike, and I with Fatma. Angie and Mike would rehearse for two hours before lunch, while Fatma and I would rehearse for another two hours after lunch.


I intentionally came in early enough to catch Angie and Mike just before they finished. This gave us an opportunity to socialize before they both left, and slowly we began developing a rapport.

It was after one of these rehearsals that I suggested that we should do a hosts-only hangout/dinner, so we could get to know each other as well as build on the rapport. Everyone agreed and we decided to meet at News cafe in Sarit Centre.

We had a great time at the dinner, with lots of laughs and banter and everyone sharing a little about themselves.   I tried poking at Angie to find out if she was dating, but she was very caged about that.

She had, however, shared with Mike that she was seeing someone, so when I asked him, he confirmed that indeed she was dating. After the show went live, I proposed another hosts-only hangout

This time, however, only Angie was available, and we went to Artcaffe at The Hub in Karen. We had a great dinner, and I was happy that I was getting to know her more intimately than any of the times we had hang out together.

She confirmed that she was seeing someone, though, at the time, they were going through a rough patch. I didn’t think there was an opportunity as they had been serious for about four years, so I kept myself in the friend zone.


In the following weeks, we would spend more time together. I would always avail myself whenever they (Mike and Angie) were hosting the show for moral support. She would do the same on our (Fatma and I) days and afterward, we would go for dinner together.


We also began spending other days of the week together, which I figured was good as I was building a friendship with my colleague’. One time she had to travel to Dar-es-salaam for a family engagement, and it was one of the loneliest Sundays for me.


I had become accustomed to having her around before every show. Once she came back into the country, we had dinner that same night, despite being ‘just friends’.

Things took a turn when in September, she traveled to Rwanda, with some friends. Her flight was scheduled for 8 pm which was the exact time the show ended.

She called me from the airport in Kigali to wish me well and said a prayer for me. She also promised to stream the episode as she waited to board the flight. That was one of the best calls in my life, as I felt the girl I had a crush on also cared about me despite the circumstances (her being in a long-term relationship).


We agreed that once she landed, she would give me a call. So once I was through, I proceeded to Westlands to meet a friend who was in the country on a work assignment to pass time.


Sure enough, she called me once she landed, asking if we could meet. I directed her to where my friend and I were, and she took an Uber to us. We decided to go out for dinner together, and afterward, I dropped him off at his hotel first, before proceeding to drop Angie.


When we arrived at her parent’s place, we engaged in some small talk for around an hour. Then, as we were saying our goodbyes, I plucked up the courage and told her that I found her extremely beautiful and I was attracted to her.


I also confessed that I did not want to come in between her and her then-boyfriend, to which she told me she was also attracted to me.


That drive home was one of the best for me. I could not believe what I had just been told. She was also attracted to me. Only one small complication….she had a boyfriend.


After this, we began seeing each other every evening. I would finish work and drive to her parent’s place and we would talk late into the night in the car.


I would then drive across town to my home to get some sleep and repeat this the next day. All this while, I would ask her what her plans were for her relationship, to which she would always answer that I shouldn’t worry.

My mind was always telling me to walk away but my heart would refuse. So we kept meeting, kept talking, and kept stroking the little flames of attraction we had for one another.


Fast forward to 22nd October 2016, when we decided to have an out-of-town lunch in Naivasha. The venue was the scenic Crater Lake Tented camp where we had a sumptuous meal before embarking on a hike around the crater.


We had barely started the hike when the rumblings of thunder signaled that our hike would be cut short by looming rain. However, our guide showed us to a spot that they called Leopard rock which also served as a lover’s corner.


From here, we had a spectacular view of the crater lake as well as lake Naivasha which was close by. It was here that Angie informed me that she had ended her relationship, and seizing the opportunity, I asked her to be my girlfriend.

She said YES!!! No sooner had her answer come than it began raining, starting off with large rock-sized drops to an eventual torrential downpour.

For the next year, we spent time getting to know one another and meeting each other’s families. Both families were accepting of our relationship, with the only caveat for both of us being that we conduct ourselves in an honourable manner

It was also during this time that we began contemplating our long-term future together, and in January 2018, we decided to enroll in a marriage class called NDOA facilitated by Mavuno Church.

Our primary goal was to gauge our compatibility, while also assessing our readiness to do life together.  From this program, we were able to learn much more about ourselves and about how ready we were to commit to one another. 

We began trying to get our parents to meet for another two years, but to no avail, as their schedules could never align. Whenever one set was ready, the others would be preoccupied and vice versa.

However, come January 2020, and everyone’s schedule aligned. We managed to get our parents to meet so that they could guide us on the way forward considering that we were not from the same ethnic background.

Our parents agreed on a date for the first meeting, and now Angie and I knew that now, we could formally begin planning for our wedding. Then came the news…

The first case of COVID-19 was announced in our country, and what followed shortly after was a ban on social gatherings. All our plans suddenly came to a dead halt.

We would have to wait so we could pick up where we left. The months that followed were long and arduous. The faith we had that the pandemic would end as swiftly and suddenly as it started began fading away

At some point, we didn’t even think we would get married. Then one afternoon in July, after a conversation with my parents, I decided that we could do a small wedding with immediate family, our witnesses, and one close friend for Angie and me.

There were 2 problems though, first I was yet to formally engage her and secondly, our parents were yet to conduct the traditional ceremonies. So I decided that the first problem needed to be taken care of urgently. I had initially wanted to surprise her with a fake advert shoot in the national park but had to rethink it due to the government protocols on COVID 19.

Also, I could not guarantee everyone’s safety thus opted for a smaller, intimate affair. I booked a lunch for two at the Hemmingways hotel, where she would be brought by her friend Shiro. While waiting for their drinks, I would then emerge from one side, and the photographer would emerge from the other side and I’d pop the question.

The plan didn’t quite go as anticipated. As Shiro and Angie drove into the hotel, they saw my car (which I Iater learnt was conspicuously parked), and straight away, Angie knew that something  (maybe a proposal) was afoot. Even as she sat waiting for her drink, she was on the lookout for any signs that that was the day. I had no idea that she had a clue and proceeded as planned.

I emerged from one side, photographer from the other side and suddenly I was speechless. My well-rehearsed speech suddenly evaporated and my mouth was suddenly dry. All I could muster to say was ‘will you marry me’, to which she said “I knew it!!!” before she said YES.

Once the photographer and Shiro had left, we had a long laugh about how I botched everything by parking in the wrong spot. Now that the proposal was done, the next agenda was to get our parents to meet so we could begin the traditional ceremonies.

I spoke to my parents who told me that in Gikuyu culture, it’s the girl’s family who set the agenda. Angie comes from a mixed ethnic parentage, as she is both Kisii and Chagga (Tanzanian) so we were not sure which culture would take the lead. After consulting with her parents, it was decided that there would be 2 multicultural ceremonies before the wedding, and the rest (1 more) would be done after the wedding.

The first ceremony would be more of an introduction, where our family would go and see where she came from, and the second meeting was to be the dowry ceremony as well as her family seeing where I came from. The first meeting was in mid-August, and the second meeting was in early September.

Both were a resounding success and we were given the green light to continue planning for the wedding. With both problems now taken care of, we had approximately 1 month to plan for the wedding. Luckily, Angie was an events planner, and from the beginning of 2020, she had already begun planning the big day.

The big items such as venue, wedding planner, media team, gown, and suit had already been sorted out and now the other details such as guest list, bridal team attire, program, etc were all that were pending. I can honestly say that she planned the wedding and I was a willing participant/helper in all the activities.

10th October was the big day. In March we didn’t think that this day would come, and if it did, we didn’t think we would be getting married. So when we finally said our “I Do’s” in front of our friends and family, it was mixed feelings of joy and relief. We were elated that the wedding we had desired to have had finally come to pass, and also that the government had eased the guidelines, enabling us to get married.

Our big day would not have been possible without God and the amazing team of vendors (who we named our BTS crew). Special thanks go to Sovereign suites, Limuru (our gracious hosts), Magnolia Event Planners (our extraordinary decor crew), Ben Kiruthi and Sun Africa Studios (our super amazing photographers), Chris Sang and Frank Ireri (our visionary videographers), Yafesi Musoke (our super funny MC), Dj Sam Omol (our king of the decks), Jit gems(who took care of Angie’s engagement band and our wedding bands), Carol G fashions (who supplied our Angies bridal team with their outfits), Fits on time (who tailored the groom’s men’s suits), Munga from Monoxrome (who tailored my tuxedo), Bee the makeup addict (for Angie’s Makeup), Martin from Lester’s nails(for Angie’s amazing nails), Hair whisp from Crowned by Ronnie (for hairstyling), Dame Keki (our award-winning cake provider), Igabantu studios (our talented live-stream crew), Richard Waweru(our gifted stationery supplier), and our co-ordinator the lovely Ms.Valerie Nyambura. Our wedding would not be possible without them.


Please share it with someone who needs this


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