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Thank God I Found You

Glory be to God family. I pray that you are doing well and that our good Lord had kept you in his grace. I am really excited about this next story. Not only was their love story born & bred in a town that Gathoni & I adore (Nanyuki), but also that it was ordained and fashioned by God. We believe strongly that God is the perfect match-maker, He has a way of bringing two very unlikely and broken people together and making them a perfect couple. Brian & Sheillla’s story is so beautiful and wonderful that I asked them both to share their own perspective of their love story.

Truly, friends, I ask you to wait upon the Lord, for whatever it is that you are trusting Him for. I remind you all of these precious words in Hebrews

Hebrews 11:11
“By faith Sarah, even though she was barren and beyond the proper age, was enabled to conceive a child, because she considered Him faithful who had promised.”

Sheilla’s Story

She says – Back in the good old days (read 2011), I was a bright eyed junior doctor in Nanyuki doing a ward round when in walked the consultant with Brian to introduce him as part of the new team. I remember looking up to find Brian staring at me like he’d just seen the most delicious Ingokho straight from kakamega. My first thought was….okayyyy….he eventually asked me out for a drink and we took to each other straight away ….

But it was not all a bed of roses. We were young and had different ideas of what we wanted out of life. I for one had my mind set on pursuing further studies abroad whereas Brian was comfortable with his career path in Kenya. Eventually in 2013, after tough decisions and the usual upheavel that erupts when the enemy is on mission to destroy a good thing, I left the country to further my career abroad.

So life went on. My prayer was always that God would bless me with a God fearing husband. Yes, I’d always been a ‘party girl’ but my personal relationship with God was strong. I recall one morning I knelt down to pray for my future husband when I heard God say: “yours may not be a picture perfect love story, but as long as I have ordained it, it will be perfect”.

At the time, I had no idea what this meant; boy was I soon to find out what God had in store for me!

A short while later, my dad’s vision began deteriorating. I was still away from Kenya. Brian had just completed his Masters in eye medicine and coincidentally been in touch with me that same week via text. I mentioned my dad’s vision and being the gentleman that he is, he offered to arrange a further review and sorted out all of my father’s appointments in Kenya.

By God’s mysterious ways, we began communicating more frequently after this and the next thing I knew, he was on one knee proposing. At this point we were still living in separate countries.

We faced numerous challenges right after this. And when I say numerous,  I mean numerous. Right up until the eve of our wedding day. But God is faithful indeed. Being a prayerful woman, I understood the importance of fighting spiritual battles on my knees. I believe our union was divinely orchestrated by the hand of the Lord God of heaven’s armies. Nothing is too difficult for Him and in His perfect time, what He said came to pass.

Brian’s Story

It was truly love at first sight! Let’s  rewind to 2011. I was ready to start my internship and feeling great about life in general. I didn’t know what lay ahead, but as with all interns I was feeling pretty optimistic about the future. I recall strolling into the medical superintendent’s office wearing a crisp white lab coat. Morning dose of coffee- check, stethoscope- check, pen-check….

The boss informed me I’d be doing a surgical rotation and promptly took me around the hospital to help me settle in. Next thing we entered the female surgical and medical ward where the consultant surgeon was having a post round discussion with his interns. As the medical superintendent introduced me to this team, I spotted this drop dead gorgeous lady, and of course I was staring so hard at this beautiful lady I paid no attention to anything or anyone else in the room. This beauty of course was Sheilla…

I was determined to meet her, so I began devising tactics in my head….. thinking of how to make a bee line for her without being too obvious….invite her for a drink, a meal, a date.

Punde si punde…. wahenga walinena barua ya moyo husomwa juu ya panda la uso.

She got to know me better than anyone had ever known me and I likewise.

Then came career pursuit which created distance both physical and emotional. With all that was happening, we tried to move on and forget each other but our paths were already destined. So time went by. Day in day out the Holy Spirit laid Philippians 4:6 in my heart : “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Standing on this as my anchor scripture, I began fervently praying for my wife.  I asked God for a woman with specific traits that seemed impossible to meet (she had to be God fearing, loving, humble, pleasant and friendly, hard working, smart, honest, bold and courageous….trust me there is more, that’s not where it ends!)

l came to the understanding that Sheilla was the one, or rightly put…God helped me discern that what I had been praying for, He had already blessed me with years before. It had been right there in front of me. Let’s just say what God has ordained will come to pass. Headstrong as she is and stubborn as I am….God decided we were meant for each other…we complete and compliment each other.

Fast forward to a few months later, distance, myriad journeys across continents ….

Ring designed and plans made…

Knee taken (but it wasn’t for BLM!)… and Question popped,

She answered Yes!!!

It struck me that this happy ever after had started years before we had an inkling what God was doing, and here we were years down the line saying a prayer and riding off into the sunset….with God as our third strand.

To put it in the words of the great King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 4:12 “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” Indeed we are not easily broken.

Ceremony ::  The Maiyan , Nanyuki

Reception ::  The Maiyan , Nanyuki

Photo-session ::  The Maiyan , Nanyuki

Bridal Gown :: ‘Monroe’ by Stephanie Allin

Bridal Shoes :: Badgley Mischka

Wedding Co-ordinator :: House of Dotty

Bridal Jewellery :: F. Hinds

Groom’s Outfit :: Hugo Boss

Maids’ Outfits :: Morilee

Make Up Artist :: Muthoni Njoba

Hair :: Charlez

Cake :: Cake Couture

Catering :: The Maiyan , Nanyuki

Decor ::  Floral Art

Video:: Jazanda Films

Entertainment/DJ :: DJ Adrian

MC ::  Joe Maina – Mastercraft

Evening gown:: ‘Kalani’ by Rosa Clara

Brian & the guys beaming the morning of the wedding.

There was a lot of joy going round in the guys’ villa. As always, they were relaxed not much to do around there.

Making sure that tie centres just right for his awaiting queen

“Good looking brothers”, confusing ladies since the garden of Eden 🙂

Muthoni Njoba ‘s final touches on Sheilla. Always love her subtle look on brides

Our gorgeous bride Sheilla, glowing like the rising Nanyuki sun.

Almost ready to go meet her king

As we were walking to the villa rooftop for some pictures with the girls, we spotted the well laid out kitchen and would not let that photo-op pass

Brian & his band of brothers. When in doubt always go with navy blue fellas.

All the villas at Maiyan have a plunge pool at the rooftop. Bravo to the girls for keeping on smiling while braving the cold.

This was the shot just before we turned on the water 🙂

Sheilla’s mum veiling and blessing her daughter. Always one of my favourite moments during a wedding.

The girls looking stunning in their final look of the day.

How beautiful is Sheilla here? We were just walking out of the villa when I captured this moment as the women were singing just outside the main door

Sheila off to marry the doctor of her dreams 🙂

Daddy walking his baby daughter for one final time to the welcoming arms of her prince charming

That look is enough to make any grown man weak on the knees

Maiyan is a heaven of beautiful locations. If you get an opportunity, please visit and check the place out for yourself

Finally signed into law. Now legally, husband & wife!

When you remember all that the Lord has brought you through

What God has joined together, let no man, woman or thing put asunder!

The reception!!! Man, it was a princess’ fairy tale come to life

Kudos to Floral Art for a job meticulously done

House of Dotty always clear out the venue for us so that we can take some pictures with the breath-taking decor

The blue sky was everything, guests got to enjoy this beautiful view as they had their lunch.

Brian & Sheilla at the entrance of the tent

Sheilla & her girls.

Brian & his groomsmen.

When we came back to the reception, the party was already jumping!!!

Joe of Mastercraft does know how to pop a party. So much fun we had

The essence of a reception is to have fun, we can worry about the bills later on 🙂

Brian also put down his doctor’s gloves and bust a move or two on the dance floor.

When the Wanjagis arrive you know the party just went up 10 notches

Joe kept the guests on their feet, we danced till we almost forgot to we had speeches to listen to.

Oh yes, and food to eat too 🙂

Brian being taught the importance of serving his wife. The best kind of marriage is one of two people eager to serve each other.

Cake Couture as always came through with a scrumptious, well designed cake

And after the downed the cake, it was time for more dancing to help digest all that sugar.

Life doesn’t come more interesting than seeing a mzungu doing the Odi Dance.

To life, happiness and pursuing God together…Cheers!

They had their 1st dance floating on the cloud of smoke.

And the lucky girl caught the bouquet.

We would love to end this post with some beautiful pictures we took at sunset.

The sunset at Nanyuki is something else, so golden and so beautiful.

Couples who laugh together, last together .

I told Sheilla that if ever she got bored of scrubs & stethoscopes, she can always consider a career in front of the lens 🙂

We got some ‘Pinterest’ worthy material too 🙂

Such a beautiful couple you guys do make, Brian & Sheilla, we pray that our good Lord will continue to guide you and make your love more and more beautiful everyday. All for His glory and His name.

Glory be To God.

The Kiruthis

Check out their wedding trailer below courtesy of Jazanda Films

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