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How We Met


Our story is unique, our story is divine, our story is heaven-sent, only God could orchestrate such a story. It was October 2015, my family and I were in Kenya on vacation. We had planned to go to the Maasai Mara on a safari with my aunt, 16-year-old cousin, my parents, and Selina. What could go wrong when you are on vacation with someone you are physically meeting for the first time? Well, in our case nothing…this love story had begun almost two years prior; at the time Selina was a law student at Kent, UK and I was a training doctor in Minneapolis, MN. My aunt who has known Selina and her family for decades kept praising her saying “You should meet this girl”, “you should call her.” In my head I was thinking how will this ever work, we live on different continents, we don’t know each other…but God had his own plans. One day I gained the courage to call and text Selina and a friendship began before we officially met in Kenya. Two weeks after this trip, I flew back home to Minnesota and could not stop thinking about Selina. I thought she was the most beautiful, bubbly, sweetest, kind, and most gentle-spirited woman I had ever met. Though the long-distance had its challenges, through prayer and constant communication we maintained a close bond. When I moved to Dallas, she moved to L.A for further schooling and after her graduation she moved to Dallas. At last were living in the same Zip Code and City! Since then, we have been inseparable. I thank God for walking with us throughout this journey and I pray that we continue to walk together with Him. Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

How We Met


In December 2013, I was home for Christmas from school and the week I was flying back to England, my mum’s friend and I had our regular lunch date planned. We have a really good relationship and always made a point to hang out when I was home for the holidays. Over lunch, she asked if I was seeing anyone and I told her no, I was focusing on school and that was not a priority for me but I was not opposed to dating if I met the right person. She mentioned that she had her favorite nephew in the US who was single and asked if I’d be interested, I again told her I wasn’t opposed to dating. I flew back to school in January and one evening, I randomly got a text from a foreign number I was not familiar with, I Googled the area code and it was a Minnesota area code. The text was from Eddie who introduced himself and said that he got my number from his aunt and wanted to know if I knew of any fellowship programs in the UK. I told him I was not in medical school and had no friends doing medicine so I wasn’t the best person to talk to. From his questioning, I knew that was a pick-up line lol 🙂 Eddie would reach out from time to time and this eventually led to a friendship. In October 2015 I was back in Kenya and Eddie was visiting with his family. This trip proved to be a pivotal moment in our lives. We spoke for hours, our conversations from our faith to the things we like to do for fun were flowing as if we were old friends reconnecting again. Eddie has an amazing personality and is very easy to get along with. His calming presence, his ambition, his love for God, and his faith left a lasting impression on me. We made it official and soon thereafter, I moved to Los Angeles to continue with school and he moved to Dallas. I eventually moved to Dallas where we have continued to grow our relationship. I thank God for our journey, I thank God that He blessed me with a man that is my purpose partner and best friend.

The Proposal

The proposal was a beautiful surprise that will forever remain a treasured moment in my heart. Let me preface by saying that Eddie is a very methodical and thoughtful person. I knew he was eventually going to propose; I just did not know how or when, but what I knew was that it was going to be special and it truly was. In January of this year, Eddie mentioned that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be in Dallas in March and he wanted us to go watch them play. I was not too keen to go because I’m not a huge fan but thought it would be a good bucket list experience since we were going to sit courtside. Fast forward to March 30th the day of the game; Eddie came to pick me up and I didn’t think much of anything, for me it was just our regular date night. When we got to the American Airlines Arena, we were ushered to our seats and everyone was being super friendly. I just assumed it was part of the VIP courtside treatment (lol) but little did I know that everyone was in on what was about to happen except for me.

Just before the game started, the song “Marry Me” started playing and Eddie was looking to his left. Curious to see what he was looking at, I turned and saw the words “Selina will you marry me” on the jumbotron. I was speechless and when I turned to look at Eddie, he was already on his knee. He grabbed my hand and said to me some very sweet words(I will keep this to myself) and after some tears, hugs, and Eddie going down on his knee a second time (lol), I said YES to the most kind, God-fearing, prayerful, ambitious, loving, loyal, thoughtful man. A few minutes later the game started and I couldn’t focus during the game. I just remember getting really emotional thinking about how this was where we had our first date when I moved to Dallas and it was where we have shared countless memories together as a couple. I am so blessed and grateful to God for bringing us together and thankful to our family and friends for their support.

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony::  Karen Country Club
Reception::  Karen Country Club
Photo-session::  Hemmingways, Karen
Bridal Gown:: Winnie Couture Beverly Hills and Evening Gown: Matopeda
Bridal Shoes:: Valentino’s 
Wedding Co-ordinator:: House of Dotty
Groom’s Tuxedo, Shirt & Bowtie:  Don Morphy (Dallas, TX) and thedonmorphyman

Groom’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Watch: Michael Kors
Maids’ Outfits:: Azazie California
Make Up Artist :: Kangai Mwiti 
Hair:: Bliss Parlour
Cake:: Cake Art
Catering:: Karen Country Club 
Decor::  Floral Art Kenya

Video: Jazanda Films
DJ::  DJ Stretch
Entertainment: Silver Strings Band
MC:: Juma Odemba


Hope you loved this beautiful couple. Beautiful inside and inside, truly God is the perfect match maker!

To God Be All Glory,

The Kiruthis

Please share it with someone who needs this


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    Lovely story. May God bless their union

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