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2021 has taken a turn for the worse and many people are wondering if we will make it to the end.

We are not only on lockdown but our livelihoods are also on lockdown. Businesses have been shut down and millions are having to face a future we have never imagined possible. All of us, in one way or the other, have been affected if not infected by the virus going around. We all have lost someone very close & dear to us. It is no longer a foreigner’s pandemic, it’s now in our homes, our hospitals, and in our streets.

Clearly, we are right in the middle of a storm that is just starting, crisis has come home at last.

Crisis Vs Opportunity

God revealed something to us that absolutely blew our minds.

That every crisis (package) came with a gift, wrapped inside it. The gift is called OPPORTUNITY. The only problem is that the package (crisis) was not pretty looking. It was ugly, broken, and deformed.

Many people hated it, rejected it, and tried to run away from it because it was not beautiful to look at. Inside the ugly package of crisis, God planted inside it a very beautiful gift called opportunity. That is why the people who could not look beyond the package, lost something of great value. God was trying to train Gathoni & me to look past the ugly exterior and see the gift that was being offered to us. The wonderful gift of a new opportunity.

Basically, God was trying to tell us that this crisis of the pandemic came with a beautiful gift and we had to open up our eyes (unwrap it) to see all the opportunities that it came with.

The Little Bird Learns To Fly

A long time ago, mama bird & daddy bird were blessed with 3 little baby birdies. The little birdies were very cute, but also very hungry, they ate all the time. And so daddy & mommy bird were very busy switching betweeen taking care of them and fending food for them.

The little birds grew up very fast and soon, their nest became too little for the family of five. Daddy bird told mommy bird that it was time for their little birdies to leave the nest and learn how to fly. Unfortunately, none of the birdies were interested in leaving the nest, and so their parents came up with a brilliant idea. They would stop bringing food home every day so that the little birdies would feel hungry and want to leave. This failed to work and so they thought of a better plan.

The next day mommy and daddy bird began to violently shake the nest. The little birdies had not option but to leave the nest and they all fastened themselves on the nearest branch. Daddy and mommy began to shake the branch too and the little ones were forced to fly.

All this time the little birdies were crying out, wondering what was wrong with their parents. Finally, the firstborn flapped its wings, and off it went, gliding like a kite. The second-born followed suit and took off to the horizon. The last one was a little bit scared though.

What if it could not fly?

The ground was very far down and it knew that in case this flying thing failed, it would surely die! Mommy & daddy tried to encourage her, saying that in case she fell, then they could come and save her.

“Fly little birdie”, daddy said. “You were meant for the skies. Just flap your wings really hard and faith will carry you on”.

The little birdie finally gathered all its courage, closed its eyes, and flapped its wings really hard, and voila she was airborne. Now, she understood the reason why mommy and daddy had been starving them these past few days. She also understood why they rocked their nest so hard. She was finally doing what she had been born to do, flying!

The Pit, Potiphar’s House & Prison

Joseph in the Bible also faced his own fair share of crises. His own blood brothers put him inside a pit and then sold him as a slave into Egypt. Then his master’s (Potiphar) wife tried to seduce him and had him cast into prison for rejecting her advances.

All the while, he never once complained. He lived through one crisis after another without losing his faith & love for God. He knew that God was still in control, and most importantly he trusted God’s plan for his life, above his own. He never once questioned God, even when everyone’s life all around him moved on. Am sure his contemporaries were done with college, happily married, and earning six figure salaries.

Finally, the final crisis accorded him the opportunity to his destiny. Pharaoh got a dream that no one in all Egypt could interpret. Joseph was then brought in, he interpreted the dream and was then promoted to Prime Minister of the most powerful nation on earth. Joseph’s journey from the Pit to the Palace accords us an inside look into the workings and the mind of God.

God uses crisis to promote us to what He created us to be. Crisis is his vessel of choice, without which there would be no change. We would continue living our entire lives stuck in our comfort zones.

Ships Are Not Meant for the Harbour

Most of us, if it was up to us, would live our entire lives in the safety of the harbour. Where there are no scary storms and unpredictable events. Fortunately for us, ships were never built for the harbour, they were made for the high seas. The only way they would get to see beautiful faraway lands is if they have the courage to leave their harbour. And the only way this will happen is through an event, that is in the form of a crisis.

The little birds would never have learned to fly if their nests were not rocked. Joseph would never have been Prime Minister if he wasn’t sold as a slave by his brothers into Egypt. That is the use of adversity. Without adversity there would be no change, we would live our entire lives stuck in a dirty nest, while the whole world awaited us.

Never A Crisis, Always An Opportunity

2021, is another opportunity God has granted us to finally leave our safe harbor. To start that business we have always wanted, to build that home we have always dreamed about. 2021, is the year to fall in love again, to start that youtube channel, to follow that passion that you kept pushing away because you never had time to pursue it.

This is the year folks. That is why God has given us a second chance. We can sit down and hope to die or we can spread our wings in FAITH and fly. We have to become that which God created us to be. Living through this Pandemic has taught us that tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is your year and the Lord is telling you, my son, my daughter, GO FOR IT!


Please share it with someone who needs this


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