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Just before Covid hit, Gathoni & I’s marriage was in the Emergency room, trying to get resuscitated back to life. No one had a clue this was happening, and the most interesting thing was that we also did not know. We simply existed. Life was a long & never-ending race, always just a step ahead of poverty that was always threatening to overtake us. (The Rat Race)

All the while, we were busy raising 3 toddlers, doing homework, running a business, and serving the Lord at Church. It was hectic, we constantly felt overwhelmed and wondered how long we could keep this up before it all collapsed on us. As expected, our relationship took the biggest hitting. There was simply no time to think about us. We simply co-existed together, Gathoni kept telling me that it felt as if we were just house-mates! I on the other hand was just trying to stay alive and keep the family out of the streets, begging, all this until Covid hit.

Like everyone else, 2020 was unlike anything we had ever imagined would happen to us. The world literally stopped. For the 1st time in a long, long time. All of a sudden there was nowhere to go, no work to do, no school to attend, and no guests to host. We all got stuck together in one house, and it’s a miracle that we never lost our heads. God, as always, had something up His sleeve. We felt like He stopped us before we drove ourselves to an early grave. During the 6 months that we were stuck at home, the Lord disciplined and corrected us, and most important, He opened our eyes. We realized that even though we said we knew God, we had never experienced Him, and had never truly feared God. That is when this verse dawned on us

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Proverbs 9:10

One of the things God taught us is what we will share in this post, am so glad we get to learn it together

Kiruthi Corporation

The day we got married, we formed a new company, Kiruthi Corp. This company had two directors when formed. One was I (CEO), the other was Gathoni (COO). God then gave us both a mandate or a mission and instructed us that the purpose He formed the company (our marriage) was to carry out his mandate on earth. This mandate was our own UNIQUE contribution to the world. God gave me Gathoni to help me carry out this mandate. (A helper that was suitable for the task). So, in Gathoni He put intelligence, intuition & the ability to understand ( A unique skill set that was needed to carry out the task). Later on, God would bless us with children (biological or spiritual) and our task was to bring them up (train & equip them) upon God’s behalf, for the sole purpose of passing on the corporation to them. And for them to continue to carry out God’s mandate on earth. (Our inheritance to them). This would be passed on to the 3rd and 4th generation. Classic examples of this are: Abraham & Isaac, Jacob & his 12 sons, Solomon & David, Moses & Joshua, Jesus & the disciples and the list continues. That is why God is very invested in genealogies.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.

Proverbs 13:22

In a nutshell, that is God’s purpose for the family. That was why the devil really hates this institution and would do everything it takes to ensure that marriages fail. God showed us that a lot of couples do not know this, no one ever told them that this was God’s intention. Most just saw it as something fun to get into and out of when you get bored. That is why God repeats all over scripture that He hates divorce because divorce interrupts this great plan that God has for humanity. For the first time, I realized that our marriage was not all about us. We had a mandate to carry out and to pass it on to our children when it was time for us to check out.

The Vision Carrier

My role as the husband was to carry the vision of Kiruthi Corp. i.e. I was to become the vision carrier. My role was to go to the company founder, the Lord (The head of every man is Christ) to inquire of the purpose why he created the company. I was to go to the Lord on behalf of my family & lineage (Since I carried seed within me) to inquire of the unique task/mandate we were to carry out. This vision is very important for a family. The reason why most marriages were chaotic and most ended in pain was because of this very famous verse in Proverbs

Where there is no vision, the people perish/run wild

Proverbs 29:18

There was no vision for my marriage with Gathoni. We were like a company that was created but was going nowhere. There was nothing that was big enough to live for. I felt as if we existed solely for the reason of paying bills, till we die. There was nothing to wake up for, nothing to live for, and nothing worth dying for. That is why Vision is very important for a family, and without it, the bible says, the people will run wild or perish.

The vision that God will show the husband will not be clear. It will be like a dream, hazy, like a picture of what will happen in the future. That is what the Lord showed me. I saw a picture of the future, though it was so big that it scared me. For some their mandate will be to start a company that will change the world, others will be to help humanity, others will be to serve in some way or the other. Every vision is different.

The Mission Carrier

Gathoni’s role as the wife was to carry the mission of Kiruthi Corp. My work as the husband was to share the vision that God revealed to me with her, hers was to support me to fulfill it. That is why a part of submission is for the woman to serve under the mission of the husband (sub is a prefix for under). That is why God created Gathoni as my helper, to assist in carrying out this mission. Hence, it is very important for us husbands to have a vision for what kind of mandate God has put us here for. The wife is the COO. She is the one who will be able to put the vision to reality. Why the name ‘mission carrier’. God will give the husband the vision (big picture) but He will reveal the mission (practical steps) to the wife. The mission is the tangible vision, the actual work that will be done.

One day, after Gathoni had been praying for some time for God to reveal to her the mission for our family, God revealed it to her. He woke her up in the middle of the night and deposited something in her heart. Gathoni wrote down everything in her phone notebook and then went back to sleep. The next morning she sent it to me as I was out at work shooting. I was amazed. God had revealed to her in minute detail all that God had intended for us to do as a family (Kiruthi Corp). That is why the wife is important. God will reveal to the husband and then confirm it to his wife in clearer detail. God did that all through the bible. He always confirmed his vision to the other partner.

Marriage on a Mission

Every marriage has a mission. Everything God made, was made for a purpose. Our desire is that you will all discover your mission and mandate and that you will get to share your gift with the world. I leave you with this beautiful verse in Joel 2:28 that will remind you of the purpose of the holy spirit. It’s not just to roll on the floor and speak in tongues, but to give you back your dream and to reveal to you the mandate that God has in store for you.

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

Joel 2:28

To God be All Glory,

The Kiruthis

Please share it with someone who needs this


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    Amazing stuff

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    Amazing…and thank you for sharing

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    Thankyou for the open letter to us.

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    Great piece

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    I love your blogs but the “moving” images make it impossible for migraine prone people like me.

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