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Pink Sweat

I bumped into Hanneke & Brian by chance as they were visiting the offices of our sister company Sun Africa Studios to book their wedding. We exchanged a-few pleasantries and then they asked me if I could shoot their wedding. I was thrilled, their date was just before the commencement of the busy wedding season. That is how we met and hit it off as great friends. I asked Hanneke how she came to meet the stud of her dreams πŸ™‚ and this is what she had to say…

How We Met (As told by Hanneke)

The 1st time I visited Kenya was in 2006. I fell in love with the country straight away. Though, I didn’t meet Brian till early 2008. My brother was doing an internship in Kenya at that time and he dated Brian’s niece. Through them, I met Brian, but by then he was known to me as “Julie’s uncle”. Apart from thinking he was very good looking, we didn’t hang out much. In June 2009, after a very drunken night, he and his niece took me home. That’s when we shared our first kiss and let’s just say that it didn’t go down very well due to our current state . πŸ™‚

I then left the country in July 2009 to start a new job in Muscat, Oman. I would travel back to Kenya at least once a year to meet up with friends. This is how I ended up bumping into Brian again at Junction, the summer of 2011. There was definitely a spark between us and I made sure that I had a few more trips to the Junction mall that holiday, as Brian’s office was there. Life moved on and occasionally we kept in touch via Facebook and BBM (the good old Blackberry days :-)). 

The occasional message turned into ‘non-stop messaging’ towards the end of 2012. It’s only then when we realized how much we enjoyed talking to, or should I say chatting with each other. The messages were more or less day and night, every break time that we had during working hours, we would be chatting with each other. We were glued to our Blackberries. While the rest of the world moved on to other phones, we stayed true to BBM for a long time! I flew down to Kenya late February 2013 and that’s when we made us official, with a second attempt at a first kiss. It was a 72 hour trip, so we didn’t have much time together, but enough to know that the virtual connection we had made was also a real life one. We managed a long distance relationship for a year and a half, with lots of Skype calls and of course our BBM chats. It was an easy decision for me to come back to Kenya in July 2014 to start our future together here with Brian. 

Ceremony :: ACK St. Francis Church, Karen

Reception :: Marula Manor, Karen

Photo-session :: Marula Manor, Karen

Bridal Gown :: Ogake Mosomi

Bridal Shoes :: Rainbow Club 

Bridal Jewellery :: Forever Bridal Jewellery

Groom’s Outfit :: Nick Ondu

Maids’ Outfits :: Tailor Made

Make Up Artist :: Arti Shah

Hair :: Sana 

Cake :: Senses by Kendi

Catering :: The Lenana Haus Ltd

Decor :: Urban Live Events  

Entertainment/DJ :: Swiga and Tha Movement Band, DJ Don Ben  

MC :: VDJ Space and Mung’ala Mbuvi 

Hanneke sitting cross legged trying to calm the nerves and butterflies on the morning of their wedding.

Hanneke is quite a simple girl. She kept her bridal details exquisite and minimalistic. Definitely, my type of bride!

The wall light fixture provided the perfect prop to showcase her beautiful heels. I always take some time to walk round the room and identify unique props and add-ons to the wedding details. My goal is to personalise them and bring them to life.

I shot this through the living room window as the MUA was just starting off. She seems like she is calming Hanneke’s nerves, I always love a good story telling image

Mother of the Bride a.k.a MOB, glowing on the morning of her daughter’s wedding. I love it when the MOB is present during the getting ready, they seem to know it all and are the perfect antidote to chaos. Truly, life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mother πŸ™‚

Brian ‘The Giant Killer‘ (Read the t-shirt) πŸ™‚ busy taking care of logistics on the morning of his wedding. Unlike brides, who are hedged off from the day’s happenings, the groom is ever on his phone, ensuring everything is taken care of before his bride gets there.

Those must be the most adorable eyes I have ever seen. Their cute son gets some help getting his swag on

Don’t listen to the internet naysayers who keep saying that marriage doesn’t work. Lots of marriage are working & thriving! You just have to know where to look πŸ™‚

Brian a.k.a @therealmrfrench looking the part & also smelling the part! #supermancufflinks !

Brian & Hanneke got all their groomsmen some personalised gifts. Such a thoughtful gesture

Mailu flexing his customised socks

Ladies, kindly take note on the words of affirmation used in the above image. Regards, Your husbands πŸ™‚

This explains why the wearing of pyjamas at mid-day, right?

Dan, the best man making sure that suits fits well. Nick Ondu did those suits some justice!

It always takes my breath away walking into the room, once the bride fits into her gown. To see the final culmination of all the sweat, toil & tears is always overwhelming. Good job Ogake Mosomi

The resemblance is unmistakable. Hanneke is youthful version of her mama

I would have written ‘They woke up like this’ then I remembered I had already shared a photo of them in pyjamas πŸ™‚

What a beautiful bride Hanneke made. You see why I love the minimalistic bride now? Less, is always more!

I had been waiting a long time to do this shot, the opportunity finally presented itself. This is Hanneke’s reflection from the side mirror of the Classic 1930s Ford

From this day onwards I stopped wearing stripped shirts to weddings πŸ™‚ Ruined such a classic shot. Once you go black, you never go back πŸ™‚

The old ACK St. Francis Church, Karen is still one my favourite chapels to shoot in. The rustic, vintage feel always give me goosebumps. Sad, it’s not used nowadays for weddings.

It was the moment we had all been anticipating. Time to usher in the bride. Live music always carries the day from playback music. Captures the soul & mood of the moment.

If nervousness was a person, Brian would be it!

Timeless, nothing can take from this moment, just a beautiful moment frozen for all eternity

It was hard to hold back the tears, she was such a beautiful sight to behold. You could hear a few sniffles too behind the camera πŸ™‚

Brian gets to unveil his beautiful bride. That smile was everything!

This ring got to fit man, no way we are leaving here to go get another one” πŸ™‚

That warm fuzzy feeling when she finally says “I Do”

And it was sealed with a KISS. They had come miles and miles from that bad 1st Kiss in June 2009

Yeah man, you nailed it a good one…as long as you keep doing it like that, she ain’t going nowhere brother πŸ™‚

This has to be the happiest certificate signing picture I have ever seen. These two people must have been very happy to append their signatures to their marriage certificate.

This hilarious duo got us laughing all evening. They were so funny, they even made themselves laugh!

Dan, keenly following back there, to ensure that they did it the way he trained them to do it πŸ™‚

I wonder what mama was whispering in Brian’s ear, no doubt it had to do with never stopping to love his wife, as Christ loved his bride, the church.

To signify their becoming one, Brian & Hanneke released these 5 helium balloons to the universe to signify marriage’s perpetuity

We got all the guests together for one grand photo. If possible, this is a must have in all weddings. Though the more intimate the crowd, the easier it is to control.

The 1st and last wedding I ever did see lawn games. We should normalize having activities for our guests to bond & interact

When was the last time you saw this happen at a wedding? Most likely never, right?

Some good fun we had at the photobooth. I loved the way Hanneke & Brian thought about their guests and found fun & interesting ways for them to interact

Reminds me of those Autograph books we signed for one another as we left high school, right?

Shot this through the water fountain at the courtyard of the Marula Manor

It was golden hour (About 5:30pm) my favourite time to shoot in the day. The light is soft and you get to experience the beauty of the African sunset

Nobody, absolutely nobody. Slay kings on Instagram πŸ‘†

When you & your boys forgot your wallets at home, then she says, ‘Bill on me‘ πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

Baby’s breath has not gotten enough rightful recognition as a bouquet flower. #NormalizeBabysBreath πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

The only thing that’s missing is an explosion at the back πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ”₯ #somoenephotoshopit

The golden hour, was God’s best gift to photography.

Let’s just say Brian & his groomsmen are the boy band that Kenya never had!

Let’s not spoil the little ones before life has its own chance to πŸ™‚

Cheii, such a good looking family. Must have been created on God’s day-off

I wonder if Henry Ford had envisioned people in 2017 blowing each other kisses across the roof of his beloved Model A

Brian & Hanneke went for a rustic, bush set up for the reception. Rich, earthy tones were the order of the day

The pergolas were fantastic, they ensured that our view & interaction with nature was not interrupted.

The bar was open air too…we got the full wild bush experience even though we were in the heart of Karen πŸ™‚

The bridal team was welcomed by a barrage of soapy bubbles courtesy of their wedding guests

All hail the bubbles’ squad for job very well done

Can you guess what song was playing at this exact moment in time?

When they said that a photo is worth 1,000 words, they were referring to this photo. #sisemikitu πŸ™Š

We had a little bit of Dutch cuisine to give us a feel of Hanneke’s roots & culture

Still fresh faced and glowing at the end of such a hectic day

The toasts and speeches were so funny, touching and entertaining

They each got a comfy pair of bright yellow indoor shoes, I wondered if it was part of the Dutch tradition

Interestingly, they recreated their cake-topper during their 1st dance

Cakes & kisses go well together

There was no escaping African tradition for Hanneke, she had now become an African wife.

Their 1st dance was heavenly, the stuff every single girls day dreams about

Perfectly executed twirl by the maestro

Almost 3.5 years since you guys got married. Keep loving and serving one another faithfully, that is what marriage is all about. Two imperfect souls becoming a perfected ONE.

God Speed,

The Kiruthis

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