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Gathoni & I grew up a few stone throws away from each other, right on the outskirts of our great city. Both our mums were staunch church moms who happened to belong to the same women group in church. We later learnt that they were good friends too, quite unaware that one day their children would get married in the same church. The reason was because, Gathoni & I had a 7 year age difference and this played a big part on our 1st chance meeting.

Our paths 1st met when Gathoni had just cleared her primary school. I & a good friend of mine, were cherry picked by the church to accompany the ex-cans on a mentorship retreat to ‘inspire’ them and mentor them. We happened to be both in campus then and the church thought us as befitting this role well. So, one lazy Saturday morning, we boarded the church bus and headed for a day’s trip to the Nairobi Safari Walk, right next to the Nairobi National Park. We had quite a good time. Gathoni was this extremely confident, beautiful young lady. She was the natural leader of the troop and her confidence and beauty was hard to miss. I cannot remember if we chatted much that day but later on Gathoni told me that she does not even remember me being there. In fact she told me that she really liked my friend (Oh the pain!)

Our 2nd Meeting

Our 2nd meeting was about 4 years later. Gathoni had just cleared high school and was looking at serving in some ministry at church. I had also just cleared my undergrad and was in the process of enrolling for my masters. I was currently directing a play at church and we were on that day casting new actors for the various roles. When Gathoni walked in that afternoon, all of us ‘brothers’ stopped to catch a breath. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. In the 4 years she had blossomed to such a sweet, beautiful and lovely lady. She happened to be the only lady that day, and right after practise we all escorted her home, I knew that if I did not clearly state my intentions early, I would be fetching water on her wedding day (Another African Proverbs, hehehehe)

Besides her obvious beauty, she had such a lively & infectious personality. She was a down-to-earth and really simple girl, her innocence and joy were unmatched. She also had the most wonderful laugh I had ever heard. By the end of that day, I was absolutely smitten together with some members of ‘the gang’. I knew I had to grab this one fast, before someone else did. That evening, when I went back to my bed-sitter in a nearby locality known as Mirema, I hatched a plot to win this girl’s heart and I prayed that the Lord would grant me favour and success.

The Plot

I knew that Gathoni was pretty young. I did not know if she was really interested in settling down. I knew that day the moment I saw her, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I just knew, I do not even know why or how. I just knew that my life changed that very moment she walked through the doors of our youth church. I also knew, I could not just tell her that I liked her and wanted to go out with her. She may think that I am some sort of freak. She was extremely social and I knew that she was like that to everyone else and not just me, so I had to be pretty smart and cunning to weave my way to her heart.

The best way was to first become her friend. I wanted just to get to know her, find out everything about her and basically just get to be around her. This was in January 2009. We became quite good and close friends for about 3.5 months. All this time I held my horses, never once revealing my true intentions. We just became great friends. We also exchanged numbers and we chatted endlessly, there was a certain app called 2Go and through this our friendship blossomed.

During this period, she told me that she had been enrolled to some college in Murang’a, as she awaited to be called to Campus. I was a bit heart-broken and scared because I knew that by changing environments she would definitely meet other gentlemen there who would have offered a better pitch than mine and win the girl’s heart. I knew it was time to man up and declare my intentions. If I die, let me die!

The last weekend before she enrolled to college, I invited her for a back-to-school concert that was happening nearby. That gig was the bomb, we really danced and had fun. That evening as we strolled through a short cut to her home, I gathered the little courage I had & dropped my elevator pitch (hehehehe). She told me that she will think about it and let me know. I hardly got any sleep that night, we had a planned meeting the next day and I prayed that she would give me her response then.

Her Response

The next day, we met by the bus stop, she had dressed in a beautiful jungle green dress and it just took my breath away. We were dropping off some chicken at a local cafeteria. After the drop off we headed to my childhood home and sat on top one of the areas that were still being constructed. We sat side by side each other, with our feet dangling over the ledge and the afternoon breeze in our faces. I asked her once again and this time round, she gave me a resounding YES. I told her that I was done running around, I was looking for someone I could settle down with, raise a family and build an empire together. Even though she was barely 19 years, she told me that she too wanted the same. She had always desired to get an early start to life. In true fact, she was years ahead of her age and I knew that my life now would be forever changed.

And that is how, I met the mother of clan, my wife, my angel and my forever bride!

You never lose when you wait on the Lord!

Please share it with someone who needs this


  • Joy kamata

    Such a beautiful love story. well narrated.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome welcome

  • Beatrice

    My take home ‘You never lose when you wait on the Lord’.

    Yours is a truly beautiful story.

  • Karen

    What a beautiful story. I was reading while holding my breath that you get her. And you actually did 💪

  • Esther

    Such a beautiful story.😊😊

  • Anonymous

    This is such a beautiful love story…hope i meet my ‘Ben’ soon..
    You two are soulmates..

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