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A few years back, we had the honour of visiting Masinga dam at the border of the Machakos and Embu counties. The dam is humongous to say the least and anyone who has visited it can attest to its intimidating size. As we were marvelling at this man made wonder, our guide pointed to something that looked like a huge canal on one side of the dam wall. He told us that this was the dam spillway. Every time the dam got too full then the overflow would spill over and be redirected back to the river.

Interestingly, our marriage too developed a spillway a few months down the line, the only problem was that it was located at the bottom of the dam and not at the top, and slowly it began to drain the life off our marriage.

Sex Miseducation

When we got married, we realised that we had zero knowledge when it came to sex. We were like two blind mice finding our way through a complicated maze, we kept hitting walls and going round in circles. That is when we decided that we had to arm ourselves with some sort of knowledge instead of embarrassing ourselves in between the sheets, naivety was no excuse. And so, like any other well meaning couple, we headed over to YouTube ‘University’ and enrolled for a crash course in sex university with a specialisation on sex positions 🙂

And so every evening, we sat propped up on our bed with our laptop watching these videos and having steamy practicals soon after. There was so so much to learn. How in heaven’s name, were we expected to know all this when no one even told us?

Over time, we graduated from YouTube to more ‘age-appropriate’ content. We assumed that a little peak down the wilder side wouldn’t hurt nobody. Besides, as long as we did it together, then it was perfectly safe & fine. I wish we had heeded to the white man’s warning when he said that ‘Curiosity killed the cat’. The quest for knowledge has led many a people down the path to purgatory. Ask Eve and the forbidden apple saga. “Keep away from it”, God told them, and yet because of their curiosity, all humanity was thrust in perpetual darkness. The forbidden apple in our case was porn.

Lust Let Loose

And just like that, we held open the door of our marriage to lust. It came with it’s 16 cousins and 2 distant uncles. Weeeh!

And slowly the light of romance in our marriage began to grow dim. It was not until it was too late that we realised what a great havoc this was wreaking in our marriage. Our curiosity unfortunately led to the untimely demise of all our intimacy.

Lust became the unwelcome 3rd wheeler in our marriage. She was always there, very hard to shake off & ignore. Every night, she jumped into our bed too, right between Gathoni and I. It was like having a threesome every night, the only problem was that she (lust) wanted all the attention.

She was like a monster, who was never satisfied. I found myself feeding her every time that I was free. My eyes could not just get enough. And the bigger she grew every day, the greater the rift she created between Gathoni & I. I began to lose interest in my Gathoni. The spark was gone, the fire was gone, we just became two room mates and our marriage began to grow deathly cold.

The Leaking Dam

The leak in our intimacy was caused by the spillway called lust. It was quickly draining the life out of our marriage and we had to find a solution and seal it fast. Look at the wonderful words of King Solomon

Now then, my sons, listen to me;do not turn aside from what I say.Keep to a path far from her do not go near the door of her house,lest you lose your honor to others and your dignity to one who is cruel, lest strangers feast on your wealth and your toil enrich the house of another.At the end of your life you will groan, when your flesh and body are spent.You will say,

“How I hated discipline! How my heart spurned correction! I would not obey my teachers or turn my ear to my instructors.And I was soon in serious trouble in the assembly of God’s people.

Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets,your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.

A loving doe, a graceful deer may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love.

Proverbs 5:7-19

These words by King Solomon slapped me harder than my mother’s slaps. I realised that I was in bed with the devil. Lust would only stop once it had not only destroyed our marriage but also our own lives as well. There was no more negotiating with this terrost, this had to stop and stop now!

Solomon, in this amazing portion of scripture (that I recommend anyone above 18 years to memorize) shares some ways in which anyone can win the battle over lust.

Allow me to share these, in the next few days. Keep refreshing!

To God Be All Glory

Please share it with someone who needs this


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