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Ave maria

Kui & Tyler during their trad wedding in Nyahururu


As told by Tyler…

There she was seated twenty feet from me, looking as stylish as could be. Her African kitenge fabric dress flowing from her shoulders to her ankles where crisp, solid white Converse sneakers contrasted the rich darkness of her skin. Her beautiful black hair offered a professional look that offset her modern elegance. Thick, black-framed glasses complimented her gorgeous face. I could not take my eyes off this woman. I had to meet her.

In such a circumstance, I’d normally walk over to introduce myself. However, we were in the middle of a church sermon, so that was not an option! Fully distracted from the pastor’s message, I decided to spend this time developing my post-service game plan on how to meet his lovely lady. As the service came to a close, the members of the congregation casually met together in the foyer over a cup of tea. Chitchatting with some friends, I scanned the room for this African woman but to my disappointment did not see her. “Had I missed my chance?” I wondered. Turning to my immediate right, I was met with the best surprise. There she was talking my friend whom I’d invited to church that day! My friend introduced me to Kui, and we had a moment of small talk.

A group of six friends decided to go for lunch at Le Grenier a Pain in Nairobi; my friend asked Kui if she wanted to join us. I was unassumingly thrilled. We reached the restaurant, and I knew I had to be strategic with where I sat. At first, I took the seat at the end of the table, thinking this would make it easier to speak with Kui regardless of where she sat. She took her seat, and I realized the seat directly opposite of her was open. I shifted, trying to be casual about it. We spent the entire lunch talking almost as if the rest of our friends didn’t exist as they were mostly not a part of our conversation. Well, that’s true with one particular exception. I had to find an unsuspecting way to get Kui’s phone number, but I didn’t want to be so direct to hit on her at this post-church event.

I commented to the group how the new railway from Nairobi to Mombasa had been finished and that we should take a ride on the old line called the Lunatic Express for the fun of it before it’s disbanded. Everyone at the table loved the idea, so I took the initiative to say that I’d create a WhatsApp group and I needed everyone’s phone number, including Kui’s of course. Receiving my iPhone last, Kui typed in her name and phone number.

As they say, the rest is history!

Ceremony :: Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort 
Reception :: Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort
Photo-session :: Crescent Island
Bridal Gown :: Sidai Brides
Bridal Shoes :: Sidai Brides
Wedding Co-ordinator :: Magnolia Event Planners 
Bridal Jewellery :: Etsy
Groom’s Outfit :: Sani Kollections
Maids’ Outfits :: Etsy
Make Up Artist :: Make up by Ruthie
Hair :: Strands on fleek
Cake :: Delicia art cakes
Catering :: Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort
Decor ::  Magnolia Event Planners and Linens and Decor 
Entertainment/DJ ::  Fen Entertainment
MC :: Robert Burale
Video:: Alko films

Kui’s Details in all their glory on the morn of her wedding

Ruthie works her magic on the girls

Someone help me, what is the superlative for perfection? 🙂

Ain’t I glad that Kui finally said YES to this dress!!!!

We stan a Queen!! royalty redefined!

Kui & her girls lighting up the room literally!!!

Kui, still taking away Tyler’s breath in 2019!!!

The gentlemen surround Tyler with a hedge of fire just before he walks down the grassy aisle to marry his bride

Our ride to the ceremony. Suzy Maruti in all it’s finesse!

A little piece of heaven this side of the Sahara!. We call it ‘Vasha’

Tyler and his breathtakingly gorgeous mum walk down the aisle hand in hand.

This should be the only legal way to do a procession. Break a leg or join the congregation on their seats

That is his mama back there, cheering him on!!!! Go Boy, Go!

Kui walks down the aisle with her loving folks to a standing ovation from the gathered family and friends

Tyler goes through the motion of his vows to his beaming bride

All the training we under-go in wedding photography is to ensure we never miss this moment 🙂

Finally, legal baby!!! God got us through!!!

One of my most favourite times during the wedding is during the dedication. This one was special, the parents got the opportunity to pray and bless their children

The party has just gotten started, love, love Kui’s excitement at finally being declared husband & wife

Rev. Pete & his wife glowing just like the newly weds! What a wonderful testament to marriage

Oh my am thirsty already!

The sun was as hot as their love, it was trying hard to match up 🙂

A toast to the newly weds! To love, happiness and more laughter

1st task they got to do together, and let me just say that they aced their test!

She popped that champagne so good, she made all the best men look bad!!

Whatever the cost, get that bouquet or die trying!!!!!!

After this we rushed down to Crescent Island (Inside Lake Naivasha) for some breath-taking sundowner pictures. One of my top 10 favourite places to take pictures in Kenya

The giraffes crushed the wedding party’s shoot, but hey, who dare complain?

Such fun times we had here, the girls were such good sports, easily warming up to the lens

Nothing to capture the true spirit of an African adventure like the Land Rover! It was such a wonderful accessory to the shoot. The boys also did not disappoint 🙂

The girls just proved that, ‘landys’ are a lady’s best friend 🙂

Sunsets like this warm my heart, they give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

The Land Rover 90 in all its glory. Kui was such a great sport. Not many brides have the courage to be hauled a top a dusty landy on their wedding day!

Security is tight, just in case someone gets the crazy idea to runaway with Tyler’s bride 🙂

The most important qualification to make Tyler’s groom party was that you had to have a funny bone!

And just like that, another one bites the dust!

Note to Self: Find someone to laugh together with for the rest of your life

This is what they were thinking about when the coined the term ‘Picture Perfect’

Tyler & Kui, truly your union and marriage are the very workings of God. He brought you together and He will sustain you until as you promised each other, Death separates you. I wish you both God speed and His wonderful blessings as you two take the amazing journey of becoming one flesh.

With love & care,

The Kiruthis

Check out the trailer below from Alko Films

Please share it with someone who needs this


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