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How we met

It was a warm summer morning. I woke up early and got ready for church. I happened to sit next to a beautiful lady during the church service. From the way she talked to me, I could tell that she was so kind and smart.  We had a great conversation shortly after the church and then she had to leave, She seemed to be in a hurry and for some reason, I forgot to get her phone number. I never saw the lady again until one time a mutual friend tagged me and her on one of the photos that he had taken of me with the lady in church during that particular church service (See God).

The lady (Now I got her name, Judy) commented on the photo and I immediately sent her a friend request and in no time we were chatting on Facebook messenger like old friends reconnecting after a long time. At that time, I was living in Minneapolis and she was living in Allentown, PA. After chatting on Facebook for a while, we exchanged phone numbers and we started calling each other almost all the time. Some nights we spoke till dawn and had to get ready and go to work in the morning…I had fallen in love and really enjoyed talking to Judy. I only wished she lived closer to me so that I could visit or she could visit whenever we got some time off work. In the winter of 2014, she came to visit me in Minneapolis since then we became inseparable. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to marry my best friend

Ceremony : Great Rift Valley lodge and Golf Resort (GRVL)

Reception :: Great Rift Valley lodge and Golf Resort (GRVL)

Photo-session :: Great Rift Valley lodge and Golf Resort (GRVL)

Bridal Gown :: Remi Raine Bridal

Bridal Shoes::David’s bridal
Wedding Co-ordinator:: Fred Diffu

Bridal Jewellery :: Macys

Groom’s Outfit :: Perry Ellis

Maids’ Outfits :: De Novo Formal Dresses

Make Up Artist :: Brushed by Lilian

Hair :: Mercy Pebbles Salon

Cake :: Great Rift Valley lodge and Golf Resort (GRVL)

Catering :: Great Rift Valley lodge and Golf Resort (GRVL)

Decor ::  Pearls & Roses events

Entertainment/DJ ::  Kayamba Africa

MC :: Juma Odemba

We started off early morning with their details. They were both in the same location just a few cottages apart.

Nick gifted his beautiful bride a galaxy watch on the morning of their wedding.

Our gorgeous bride of the day, Judy. Beautiful and with a heart of pure gold!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?


Meanwhile the man of the moment, Nick himself. Gentleman extraodinaire!

The beautiful set up looked like a little piece of heaven on earth!

The manicure shot! No use doing your nails & then no one sees them right?

Judy, popped that champagne a good one!

Smile! Don’t you know God loved you

Remi Raine Bridal did that gown justice!!!

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful?

Ride to the ceremony via the golf cart courtesy of GRVL, one of my most favourite Naivasha locations

Such a beautiful sight to behold. Judy walking down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams

They had such beautiful, heartfelt & thoughtful vows that they made to each other. A few sniffles were heard here and there

Finally signed into law!

And their very 1st KISS together as husband and wife

Once all the guests left, we took some pictures at the picturesque ceremony set up

Dream wedding locations like this, are the stuff of photographers’ dreams

We also dropped by the reception to take a few feel good pictures with the set up

Even though the skies were threatening to burst open, we had a fantastic time

Nick looking at the boys attempting to drop his all time crush

The guys did make that golf cart look good

The girls made it even look better

The back detail of the gown was so amazing

What’s a wedding without aerial shots

This shot was worth all the pain that it caused

If you ever needed perfection in a shot, here you go

Nick teaching his gorgeous bride a thing or two about golf

There has never been a more perfect backdrop than this

Cutest couple this side of the Sahara

We checked into the ceremony and the party was jumping!

Nick, Judy & their guests each got to light Chinese lanterns and it was such a beautiful sight to behold

And that was it from this beautiful wedding. Congratulations Nick & Judy, truly yours was a match made in heaven, ordained by the very hand of God.

To God be the Glory,

The Kiruthis

Please share it with someone who needs this


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