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The year is 2017, we have been with child for most of the year. Gathoni is almost full term now and we realise that we have not taken any baby bump pictures. So, we open up an ideas group with our partner Jose from Sun Africa Studios and start building up some ideas for our mood board. Our 1st baby bump shoot was at Ntulele on your way to Narok, and since we loved the picturesque escarpment road to Maai Mahiu we settled on that as a location. So, on a lazy mid-week afternoon we set off (not having scouted before) but we decided just to drive down and stop to shoot as we saw fit.

Photography:: Sun Africa Studios

Location:: Maai Mahiu Road

Gathoni’s & Imani’s Dresses: La Kesho Designs

Make up: Artistry By Njanja

1st stop was the famous ‘Travelers’ Church’ a.k.a Maai Mahiu Catholic Church. It was built in 1942 by Italian prisoners of war (POWs). We were shocked to learn that it is also the smallest church in Kenya. If you have not visited it yet, please do, it is at the tail end of the winding escarpment if you are coming from Nairobi. Doors open everyday at 6am, and it absolutely free of charge!

The women were really excited when they saw the lights & cameras and wondered what is all this hullabaloo about a woman with child. ION, they look as if they floating on air

What is a baby bump shoot without the “Kissing-the-bump” photo?

This is me here praying that the baby will turn out to look like the mum, since she is the better looking one amongst us 🙂

Imani was about 1yr 10 months here. She insisted on having a dress like mummy and also her own head floral garland.

We wanted the trucks to be part of this story, and trucks we did get, lots of them to be precise

Did we mention that this is the 2nd smallest church in the world!!!! Yes, and it sits only 12 people, but it’s such a beauty to behold. TembeaKenya

I do not know who Imani looks like here. I guess she is a little of both of us, but definitely she got her skin colour from Gathoni

Twinsies!!! Imani had been an only child for quite some time now. She was already bored of it and so desperately wanted a playmate

Isn’t she lovely, this Queen of my heart

As the sun was setting fast, we decided to drive down and look for some more picturesque locations. I only wished we had started earlier. So many yummy spots to shoot in on that road

We stumbled across this beautiful wheat field a few meters past past Maai Mahiu town. The wheat was ready for harvesting and so was Gathoni 😂😂😂😜 🤰

It was perfect, we loved it, it was as if we were in our element

Since we did not want to spoil the farmer’s labour of love, we walked on the tiny paths in the middle of the field

This is the typical Kenyan Pose ‘ Nipige kama siangalii camera

This photo deserves a spot somewhere on our photo-wall with its own spotlight!

Imani loved being carried like this when she was little. So that she would catch all the action as it happened from the driver’s seat!

This is us singing ‘Baby Shark Doo doo doo‘ at the top of our voices right in the middle of nowhere.

Imani loved the camera or is it the camera that loved Imani, right from when she was 2 weeks old. She has never looked back ever since!

This is us talking to our little boy Tendai, telling him how mommy & daddy love him & cannot wait to meet him in a few weeks

The weeds and thorns were not letting us prosper in peace

As we were heading to the car, we stumbled upon a local herds-boy grazing his livestock by roadside. We asked him if it was ok for us to take some photos with his livestock. He happily obliged.

The animals were quite peaceful and we had a wonderful time shooting amongst them. God bless his little soul

This is Imani reminding us not to forget to tip the little herds-boy. She was using sign language though 🙂

This is when we asked Imani who was her favourite, it was kinda obvious who gave her most of the ‘Tamus‘ (Candies)

Fast-forward 2.5 years later, Tendai was born and we were also blessed with another little one called Taji. How faithful is our God!

Glory Be To God,


Please share it with someone who needs this


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