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When God Made You

The year was 2012, June to be precise. Gathoni was in her 3rd year at JKUAT pursuing a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Technology. I, on the other hand lived in a small one bedroom house in Kiamumbi, where we both grew up. We were two young people in love. Gathoni was 22 and I was 29, we were in our 2nd year of our photography business and things were beginning to look promising. A year back in 2011, I gathered up whatever little courage I had, and asked for Gathoni’s hand in marriage. For whatever reason she said yes, and I was the happiest man in the galaxy :). This particular day happened to be our 1st anniversary since we got engaged. I was so excited as I had been planning (For a few months) a surprise for Gathoni. She was in dire need of a new phone and I had been saving up to get her a Galaxy Pocket, which she really adored. So, on the morning of this day, I took a matatu to Town and bought the Galaxy pocket from one of the vendors hawking phones in the stalls. I checked it out and it was functioning fine. Gathoni then told me that she wanted me to come to JKUAT as she was unable to leave school for one reason or the other. I was so angry and upset. Gathoni knew that I never liked making that trip down to Juja where the Campus was, as I had had enough of it for the 6 years that I was a student there 🥵 📚

Anyway, since it was our special day, I obliged and took a 237 matatu from the Tuskys stage and headed to Juja. When I got there, Gathoni told me that she was still in class and asked me to meet her by the Banana plantation near the Faculty of Agriculture. When I reached there, I found Gathoni looking scrumptious (forgive my literature) in one of my favourite dresses. We hugged and she told me that someone was coming to meet us there before we left for the hostels. Lo! & behold, arrives one Osborne Macharia together with his assistant Victor Ndalo. Osborne is now a world famous commercial photographer, but back then he was not so famous :). Gathoni informed me that she had been planning a surprise photoshoot for the last 3 months with Osborne, who also happened to be clearing his Architectural degree at JKUAT at that point in time. I was elated, I loved Osborne’s work and it was a great chance to meet him and also see this legend in his element. Osborne had planned the story line all the shots in his head and it took an incredible 15 minutes to get all the pictures that he needed. Osborne and Victor then left and we headed off to grab some Anniversary dinner (Ugali, Fried egg & Spinach) at the school’s mess. What a way to celebrate our 1st Engagement anniversary. Here are some of my favourites from this shoot 8 years ago.

How Boy Met Girl 👫

Once upon a time in the far away land of Umohoho, lived a beautiful young girl. Her name was Gathoni and and all the boys wanted her as she was the most beautiful girl in the village. Gathoni, even though very beautiful, had a dark side. She hated all the attention from the boys and loved to take walks every evening to the shamba where she would be all alone with her thoughts. One evening, as the shamba care-taker (Ben) was closing his shift, he saw someone standing in the middle of his shamba, he went in for a closer look.

On getting there, he could hardly believe his eyes. There stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He knew that the gods were finally on his side, it was time to shoot his shot!

Drawing closer to her he whispered,”Hi there?, What is such a beautiful woman doing here all by herself

Mind your own business mista” she hissed. “I have no time for boys, let alone shamba boys!!!!” That one cut Ben very deep. She was pretty but had a heart of stone!

Do you know I have every right to throw you out of this shamba‘ Ben threatened, gathering up his courage. “You should know people young girl

I already know enough people” Gathoni said, giving him the hand. “I don’t need to know any more!”

Gathoni looked like she was not getting impressed by his macho behaviour. It was time to switch it up & try a new trick, he had plenty up his sleeve.

Ok then princess, let’s agree on something” Ben courageously offered. “If I tell you a joke and you laugh, will you at least tell me your name?”

Ok then“, Gathoni replied “All the best“.

What material is this shirt made out of?”, Ben asked

Its your shirt, you tell me“, Gathoni replied blushing

“Wrong answer”, Ben mentioned. “This shirt is made out of husband material

Hahahaha you got me there”, she replied laughing “Ok then, you win, my name is Gathoni

Did you say Gathoni?”, Ben whispered grabbing a stem of grass “It has such a sweet ring to it” My name is Ben, and I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you”.

Thank you“, Gathoni said blushing. “You are not too bad yourself either

God has been kind to me today, Gathoni“, Ben continued. “He must have dropped you from heaven, just for me

Hahahaha silly“, Gathoni laughed, “I was born here in Umohoho too

Fair enough” Ben said, grabbing Gathoni closer to him. “I don’t have much Gathoni, but I promise to love you and build a big family with you. We will have many many children together”

Are you asking me to marry you, young man?Gathoni asked inquisitively

Yes, I am“, Ben quietly responded. “Will you make me the happiest man in Umohoho by accepting to be my wife


Yes, Ben I will marry you, Gathoni finally answered.

Gathoni & Ben, there and then in the banana plantation shared their very 1st kiss together. And the legend is told, they lived happily ever after.

The End

Please share it with someone who needs this


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