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My Girl-The temptations

How We Met

We met on a work assignment back in 2012. We were both seeing other people at that point, so we kept things professional. We worked on that job and a couple of more jobs intermittently. At the end of 2014 we met again via a mutual friend but in a social setting and became good friends. At the end of that year we were talking more often and checking up on each other.

2015 came & we lost touch a little bit, though we would meet now & again through our mutual friend.  Mid 2015 we started talking a lot, he was going though a rough patch and I became his go to person.

By the end of that year we were always together by sheer LUCK! Totally not planned Lol!!

Beginning of 2016, I lost my only grandparent and she was the same one I am named after. I remember getting the call at 6am and my next call was to Kiki (Quentin), he literally stayed with me on phone until I drove all the way to my mums.

From there destiny just kept bringing us together, I would like to say the rest is history but ohh well (this is a long story we need an entire vlog) … after a few hard hurdles we were blessed with a baby girl and 3 years later got married…it truly was a dream come true



Ceremony :: Leopard Beach Resort

Reception :: Leopard Beach Resort

Photo-session :: Leopard Beach Resort

Bridal Gown :: Bibi Harusi

Bridal Shoes :: Vans-chucktaylor (Toi Market)

Wedding Co-ordinator :: Salima- (Kwa Moyo Weddings)

Bridal Jewellery :: Duboi’s Road

Groom’s Shorts:: Shytess Fashion House

Grooms Shirts: LC Waikiki

Maids’ Outfits ::Shytess Fashion House

Make Up Artist :: Touch by Laura

Hair :: Touch by Laura

Cake :: Kokko’s  Cake Diani

Catering ::Leopard Beach Resort

Decor ::  Purple Tulip

Entertainment/DJ ::   Chuckthedeejay

MC ::  Lorna and Macharia

Siteiya & Quentin are hands down the most creative couple I have ever stumbled across. All their trad & wedding invites were hand crafted by the two of them

Our drop-dead dashing damsel a.k.a Miss-Bride a.k.a Siteiya 🙂

Siteiya’s terrific troop of bridesmaids extraordinaire. Nimo, Charvi & Queen Gathoni

This shot was worth all the pain & muscle-aches it took to create 🙂 Super brides maids indeed

This was the only wedding I have ever shot, where the bride & maids took a dip in the pool before dressing up!!! Siteiya is definitely cut from a different cloth!

Leopard Beach cottages easily take the trophy when it comes to picturesque getting ready venues. Siteiya and her queens were in their ideal territory

Let’s say we had some time to kill before the ceremony started, though no humans were killed in the making of this shot 🙂

Siteiya and her beautiful daughter

Ben: Girls, pretend you are at the Salon getting your hair done.

Girls: Say no more!!

This shot has been in the annals for too long, it was about time we executed it!

Nothing gets you into wedding mood like a bubbly glass of chilled prosecco

Meanwhile, a few cottages away, Quentin was just about to get his groove suit on 🙂

Personalisation is the name of the game!!! Q & S were not taking any chances with their wedding. Hey, you only get to do it once right?

Quentin and his mama, such a precious moment captured for posterity

Quentin’s only qualification to be a groomsman….’Gotta look good in them shorts’ 🙂

Soon to be Mrs Ikiki, effortlessly stealing the glow from the sun

Siteiya got all her girls customised wine bottles. All hail Queen Siteiya!!!

The maids dresses were such a win. The coral theme added the razzmatazz 🙂 needed to brighten up any sad looking face

Siteiya & Quentin had the perfect beach wedding decked out for all their guest, but the weather turned for the worst. A horrid storm blew over Diani all through the afternoon and night of their wedding :(. We had to make do with an indoor ceremony & reception.

Such a glorious and heavenly moment when the presiding minister dedicated the newly weds to God. Always a tearjerker!

They must be the two happiest people to ever receive a marriage certificate in the history of time

And with this KISS the deal was finally sealed

After that kiss the only thing Siteiya could say is ‘Ikibamba sana wapi nduru!!!’

It was dark outside & the storm was still raging by the seaside, so we had to opt to shoot indoors. We did the entire shoot in the hotel’s wine cellar 🙂 well indeed all things work together for good to them that love the Lord!

The squad brought their A-game to the shoot. ‘Twas an absolute joy directing and capturing these poses

It’s always a party happening when you are around these girls. A ball of fun-packed energy

The shoe game was too ‘sick’ not to lift a leg. We are in Diani a beg! anything goes!

If there was ever an image that would brighten anyone up, this then, would definitely make the cut

Nothing but ‘SQUAD GOALS’ here. Keep scrolling 🙂

Sneaked in this picture as the party was making its way to the reception venue as the storm continued to rage and wreck havoc

The 1st thing Quentin & Siteiya did when they entered their wedding reception, was to cut the cake. It was then wheeled to the dessert table to be served with the rest of the confectioneries once dinner was done.

After we had had our fill of the scrumptious dinner, the newly weds opened the dance floor with their mushy-mushy 1st dance

MC: Who is the better driver?

Q&S: Me!!!!!!

They got for each of their parents a customised gift. How very thoughtful of them

Quentin’s side of the family give Siteiya the royal welcome!

Everywhere you looked there were beautiful folks, and happy precious moments all around

Cheers to the newly weds, a gracious way to end such a beautiful night

After all was said and done, it was party till the AM

The very next morning, we did a post wedding shoot at their cottage balcony overlooking the sea. The tide was low and the storm had passed. Can you believe that the water last night was up to the foot of the balcony?

You cannot claim to have lived if someone’s son or daughter has never looked at you this way 🙂

Quentin & Siteiya may your love continue to be as beautiful as this. May our good Lord keep you and sustain you by His amazing grace. Thank you for blessing this earth with your life, light & love

Yours in His Grace,


Please share it with someone who needs this


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