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How we met really depends on which one of us you ask, we have a his and hers version to our how we met story and with time it’s become my favourite love story.

We met for the first time on campus, we were taking the same course at the time, shortly after completing high school. Brian says that all he remembers me for, is being the cute girl in class that always had bows on her hair and that my love for the colour pink was very apparent. Sharon says that all she remembers Brian for is being the guy in class that would almost always have to ‘confirm’ his assignment with hers in the mornings. Shortly after a semester, Brian’s passion changes and he changes the course we were taking, I go ahead and move to a different campus. Typically, that would have been the end of our interactions and who knows we would have ended up on each other’s somebody that I used to know list.

Seemingly, God had other plans for us. Remember the passion change for Brian? He ended up being in the same course and class with two of my best friends and they hit it off. As you would have it, we would occasionally meet at our now mutual friends’ birthday parties and hangouts. After what seemed like an eternity, after a birthday party, during which I believe he finally  noticed me, Brian walked up to me and said, “I should really get to know you more, let’s have coffee sometime.” That coffee date, which I didn’t know at the time, led to the fruition of a beautiful friendship. Brian says he knew almost immediately and even went on to tell his friends that he will marry me one day. After the coffee date, my husband is a very patient man, it took him ten more dates to ask if we could court and that was the beginning of our journey to forever.

Ceremony :: The Great Rift Valley Lodge

Reception :: The Great Rift Valley Lodge

Photo-session :: The Great Rift Valley Lodge

Bridal Gown :: Ogake

Bridal Shoes :: Bella Belle Shoes

Wedding Co-ordinator :: House of Dotty

Bridal Jewellery :: Ogake Accessories & Swarovski 

Groom’s Outfit :: Sao Sartorial

Maids’ Outfits :: Ellen Design

Make Up Artist :: Sunshine Balogun

Hair :: Crowned By Ronnie 

Cake :: Little Cake Girl

Catering :: The Great Rift Valley Lodge

Decor :: Urban Elegance Kenya

Video: Royal Reel

Entertainment/DJ :: Discmen Entertainment

MC ::  Peter Gitau 

These are some of the special moments from our wedding day

To more smiles, happiness and a lifetime of God’s grace & guidance.


Please share it with someone who needs this


  • Anonymous

    My favorite couple so far . May God bless your marriage ❤️

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful 🥰

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