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I stumbled upon an interesting story in the Bible. One I had never heard before in my many years this side of the African sun. The story is not a real one though, its a parable of sorts. It is found in 1st Kings 20.

The story is set in the middle of a battle field. In the heat of the battle, the story teller says that a certain man (maybe the leader of the battle) brings a man to him. We are never told the profile of this man, whether he was a prisoner of war or one of the friendly forces. What we know is that this man was of particular importance to the leader of the battle. He then instructs the narrator to keep an eye on this man. To ‘keep him’ and take care of him. He is never to let this man out of his sight. In fact that is to be his single job, his only assignment. The battle leader goes ahead to tell him that if he loses this man, then it will be a life for a life. He will pay for it with his very life.

Later on, once the battle is over, the battle leader returns to check on the status of his precious persona. Interestingly, the man is missing. On inquiring of his whereabouts, the narrator says that he got busy & distracted with a few matters here and there, and the man got away. He then receives the punishment due to him.

The Mirror in our Marriage

God brought this story to my mind recently. In fact He told me categorically that this particular parable had a lot of similarities with our marriage. I was the narrator, the one charged with the responsibility to keep ‘this man’, to take care of him and never let him out of my sight. In fact, that was the only assignment I had been assigned to in this battle.

The ‘man’ I was to keep an eye on, was no man at all though, it was a man with a womb and that is why they called her ‘wombed’ man which was shortened to ‘woman’. I had been assigned a woman to take care of and keep an eye on by the battle leader who in my story is God.

At the height of the battle, God strolls by my tent and asks about his precious person, the woman, my wife Gathoni. He comes to check out on her, to find out if I am taking care of her well, and keeping an eye on her. Unfortunately, He finds me busy outside the designated tent, watching the battle, cheering on my team, once in a while throwing a spear here and there.

It’s only when He taps my shoulder and asks me how Gathoni is that I remember my assignment. I rush back to the tent and lo & behold she is gone. In fact, I had gotten so distracted and busy with the battle outside, that I had forgotten to watch my wife.

Oh”, I tell God, “I was busy trying to make a living, desperate times called for desperate measures, you know.” Didn’t God remember we were dead in the middle of a pandemic. I was hustling, for lack of a better word. In actual fact, I was out looking for some bread for us to eat. Surely, God, even if it were you, wouldn’t you do exactly that?

God then proceeds to ‘proverbially’ seat me down. He asks me what He told me when He brought this precious visitor my way. He told me to love her, to take care of her and make her happy, all the days of my life. I even promised that it was till death that I would depart by her side. It was my life for hers. I would protect her with everything I had.

And so, with my head hanging low, and tail in between my legs, I left the tent in search of my precious persona. I promised God that this time round, I would do better. I would follow his instructions to the letter. To keep this ‘woman’ always in my heart and mind. To love her tenderly and take good care of her. I would never let again the pursuit of my hobbies and my career distract me from my assignment. She would be my #1 priority now.

Also, I am now more wiser to know that doing it on my own strength is simply chasing the wind. I would ask the all powerful battle leader for strength, strength to stick with determination & unwavering resolve, to my assignment. To love my wife and be faithful to her, until the day that God shall require her back or call me back home.


Please share it with someone who needs this


  • Anonymous

    Very insightful piece.

    • Maggie M

      I am off to read 1 kings 20.
      Very insightful piece……sharing it asap with my husband

  • Faith Wamaya

    This was very insightful..thank you for your message

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