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One of the wealthiest & nicest people Gathoni & I know has been an amazing client for the past few years. One day, I happened to ask him what was his secret for success and what he told us shocked me completely. He asked me if I had read the bible cover to cover, which I informed him that I had not. He then proceeded to inform us that his life completely changed when he began to read the bible and implement what he learned there. He told us that everything he learned from the bible, he implemented in his business and that was the simple reason for his success.

I was so astounded. Here was this very successful entrepreneur telling us that the secrets for his success were all in the BIBLE. After this, we stopped reading all motivational & self-help books and began carefully studying the bible for any principles that we could implement for our small business.

So, for anyone in business today or anyone wanting to get into business, I would highly recommend one book and one book only. The BIBLE. Even though you are not a believer in it, read it like you would do any motivational book, believe you me, it will absolutely transform your life!

The Bible contains a treasure of knowledge to anyone willing to learn how to start and run a successful business. Every success principle in all those motivational books was borrowed from the bible. For example, the most famous self-help book is Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. All the principles in that book are based on the bible. So, do not fret or worry, if you can afford to get a bible, then you have the best manual to succeeding in business. Today, we discuss one of these principles, that if you can just implement it in your business, will make you at least 1 billion dollars! Don’t believe me? Read on…

The wonderful secret is found in this gem of a verse

A good reputation is more desirable than great wealth, and favorable acceptance more than silver and gold.

Proverbs 22:1

This verse my friends, is worth more than all the money in all of the world’s banks.

In business, one of the surest ways to fail is to have a bad reputation. Over the years we have witnessed firsthand, great businesses that started well and then success spoilt everything. They stopped caring about reputation and assumed that because they had hundreds of customers, then the opinion of one unhappy customer did not matter. And so, as God showed us, they sold their reputation for a bowl of soup (money), similar to Esau who sold his birthright just because he was hungry. Let me break it down.


The mistake that all we Small Businesses make is to focus on the Present Value. That means how much money is a customer going to give me NOW!

The truth of the matter is that all of us are in business to make a profit, the only issue is that most of us chose profit over a relationship. Instead of being obsessed with serving our customers until their satisfied or giving the best value to our customers, we are obsessed with getting our paycheque and exiting.

Let me share an example…

When Gathoni & I started photography many moons ago, money was not the main motivator. We were so hungry to make a difference in our customer’s lives, that we never bothered much about our take home. We did not know then, but our focus was to:

  1. Make friends
  2. Build relationships
  3. Be an answer to their problems
  4. Create maximum value for them


What happened over time shocked us. Word went round that we were the go-to-guys when it came to photography. We had no ego, we just did the dirty work and built wonderful relationships along the way. In time, our customers build the business for us and we became quite a hit (so to say).

Though, as time wore on, things began to change. We developed systems and structures and because of the mistakes and lessons we learned, we developed our own way of doing business. Which was (we did not know then) favoring the business over our customers.

Now, what mattered more than anything was the bottom line (making a profit). It stopped being about our customers and became all about us! Success is quite a dangerous thing, we came to realize. We lost the very thing that won the hearts of our customers. Now the word on the streets (reputation) changed. Now it was all about the money for us. From passion to profit, the motivation speakers call it. And that is where many small businesses die. When the focus shifts from your passion to serve your customers, to a passion to make a profit. Success is a dangerous thing.

The thing about systems & structures is that they take empathy out of your business. You stop becoming human. Your customers all of a sudden become a number on a spread sheet and the focus of the business becomes how to make the most out of that number.

It’s Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business!

This statement alone has taken millions of small businesses out of business!

What started as a selfless business has now become a selfish venture. It’s all about covering your back and leaving the customers all out in the cold. That is what success does to you. You become cold, distant, and self-absorbed.

That is why all businesses have to go back to their 1st love, the CUSTOMER. The business has to go back to humanizing & personalizing their way of doing things (Company Culture).

Gathoni & I realized this the hard way when God pointed it out to us. Empathy (putting yourself in your customer’s shoes) in business is everything. That is why giant corporates have realized the mistake and are spending millions of dollars trying to get the customer back to the heart of the business. Businesses now are picking up slogans like ‘It’s all about you’, ‘We are listening’, ‘You Matter’ et al. Businesses have to go back to being personal because the thing that matters most in business is your reputation.

Life Time Value Explained

The reason why small success kills most businesses is that they reduce the customer to a single transaction. When a customer makes an inquiry or walks through my door, my normal reaction is to see this as an opportunity to make money. So, instead of serving their needs and finding a way to give them as much value as possible, I will go straight for the jugular in an attempt to make a killing and then exit. What the customer will feel is that you are just interested in their money. If they have no other option, they will go ahead and make the purchase and that is the last you will ever see or hear from them.

Similarly, they will tell all their family, friends, and whoever they come across how much of a crappy business you are. With time, this one dissatisfied customer will cause a cascading loss of business for you that may run into thousands, if not millions of shillings.

On the flip side, if your focus is customer satisfaction, solving a problem for your customer, and delivering maximum value, then your customers will love you. Even if it means losing money on their 1st purchases, or going over and above your promise, you will have won a friend in the long run and this is where the secret is…Never forget this


That friend that you have made in form of a customer will go on to purchase multiple times in their lifetime. And they will tell all their family, friends, colleagues, and anyone they meet about how awesome you are.

And then if the referral also comes to you and you give them the same if not better service, then they will go ahead and tell everyone in their circle too. Do you now see it? That single customer who comes to you has an unlimited lifetime value. There is no way you can tell how much that one customer can make for you in their entire lifetime as your customer.

That is why companies like Amazon are very big on Customer service. They would rather sacrifice hundreds of dollars to have you return a product since they know that they will have won your trust & loyalty for a lifetime.

Lifetime Value is everything fam. Focus on making relationships and let your customers build your business for you and there you will have your prosperity.

Hope this has blessed you today!

To God Be All Glory

Please share it with someone who needs this


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