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What can I say about Victor & Lesley? There are so many many good things to say about them, that I know not where to start. The interesting thing is that we met for the very 1st time on their wedding day, and immediately I knew that they were amazing people. Lesley 1st wrote to me on Feb 2020, about me photographing her wedding. And then Corona hit, and they had to move their wedding to the end of the year. They are both so sweet and so kind and such a joy to photograph as their love for each other is so real, raw & unrehearsed (You will see it in the pictures). I was more than honoured and humbled that they chose us to photograph and document this very special day in their lives. I asked Victor how they met and this is what he told me…

How We Met

It all started in the editing room at United States International University – Africa. A gorgeous young girl was struggling with an assignment in her radio production class.  Though excited about her work, our little girl needed help.  To help her, the lecturer sent her to a skinny young man who was a senior with excellent editing skills seated in the next room. It took a few minutes of convincing from the technical director, but soon enough I walked in, sat down, and started to work. I said very little but did a lot. She sat next to me and said nothing, only observed and listened keenly. As is with most assignments, we ran out of time, I had to run to class and so we agreed to meet after class to conclude the assignment. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Sadly my class took long and my phone died. I later realised I had not saved her number and that is how we lost contact. To be honest that kabambe needed to go anyway 🙂 

Days went by, we both went about our lives without any communication. As fate would have it, one day while scrolling through Facebook,I saw a familiar face in the friends suggestions. I took a peek at the profile, opened the profile picture, liked it, and a chat ensued. We spoke for a few weeks before I was bro-zoned. She said she is not ready for the kind of relationship I was pushing for. I played it cool even offering to hook her up with a brother of mine – diversionary tactics hehehe. At this time, I was already intrigued. I was looking at more photos and liking even more of them. I was enjoying our chats. I looked forward to them. Sadly, we went silent for about 5 months only to wake up one day to a chat asking if I wanted her number. I said YES! We started talking, I met her family and made sure I katiad them first. The sisters, cousins and friends all landed in my corner. We would chat for hours. Our calls were long. Long enough to get us to the altar. Four beautiful years later, we are here, before God, our family and friends. We celebrate love, fate, and God’s doing, on our perfect wedding day.

Ceremony ::  St. Paul’s University Chapel

Reception ::  The Jockey Club – Waterfront Gardens, Ngong Racecourse

Photo-session :: The Jockey Club – Waterfront Gardens, Ngong Racecourse

Bridal Gown :: Sidai Brides ( Maggie Sottero Designs )

Bridal Shoes :: Sidai Brides (Badgley Mischka)

Wedding Coordinator :: Infinite Planners 

Decor ::  Infinite Planners 

Bridal Jewellery :: Sidai Brides

Groom’s Outfit :: Sao Sartorial 

Maids’ Outfits :: Ellen Design

Make Up Artist :: Phoina

Hair :: Beauty Affairs/Houz of Kweenz

Cake :: Keky  Tamu

Catering :: Divine Caterers 

Video:: Enzi Wedding Films 

Entertainment/DJ ::  DJ Wanyama

MC :: Charles Mwakio/Juma Odemba 

Did you say Maggie Sottero ? Yeah, you had me right, this is her design in the flesh (Well, in material 🙂 )

Lesley pens her vows on the morning of her wedding

I wonder who got the girls this excited…no doubt it was some brother(s) (Yikes!)

Phoina puts on the finishing touches on Victor’s gorgeous girl

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful“, was playing in my head as I took this shot

Lesley nailed that looking out shot. Standard set, dear future brides

Even though everyone was hurrying Lesley to get dressed, she calmly pulled off these solo “Feel me” shots. I call it the calm before the chaos.

To more love, happiness and to a happy ever after, cheers!

Meanwhile, at Victor’s, the cars had arrived to pick them up. The logo was a hard one to miss 🙂

Victor, a ball of energy was excited all morning, truly he had not waited all his life to walk around stressed by little things.

Victor and style are inseparable, you cannot tell one from the other

This must have been the photo that got all the girls excited right? It had to be!

Victor, easy like Sunday morning, wait it was on a Saturday right?

Time to head out and get those girls fellas, we cannot be here all morning!

Can you aunties even?

Lesley’s mama get to veil her baby, while whispering prayers and words of affirmation to her.

That happy walk down the stairs as Lesley heads off to marry her knight in ‘black armour

Victor was the 1st up the church aisle, beaming like he just about to win the lottery

Finally, the moment we had all been anticipating, despite all the challenges that come with pulling off a wedding during a pandemic, they were finally getting married. Glory to God!

Yeah, it was hard not to get emotional beholding Lesley being walked down the aisle by her father

Lesley offers one last goodbye glance to her mama & sisters at the back as daddy holds fast to her

Everyone was crying their eyes out, quite a special sight to behold

The official handing over, as Lesley’s folks give her over to Victor and his family in the presence of God

Victor was one elated fellow, finally the girl was no longer theirs, she was MINE!

And with the exchange of rings and accompanying vows, Victor and Lesley, officially became husband & wife

And it was confirmed and sealed with a KISS!

Beautiful moment as the two kneel side by side before God. This is the most powerful thing a couple can do together, kneel in prayer together.

These two were all laughing and giggling the entire time, I guess only they knew what it had taken God to get them there.

Finally legal, signed stamped and delivered. Approved by the state and approved by God. Cheiii marriage is a beautiful thing!

After the certificate signing, the presiding father allowed them a chance to go through their personalised vows to each other. It was such a sweet, beautiful moment at the altar

Time to head out, Victor gets to usher his wife into their getaway S400 Mercedes 🙂

Effortlessly breathtaking these two are. Truly a match made in heaven and perfected here on earth!

The opportunity finally came for us to recreate that iconic Kim Jong-un bodyguard-running photo. They nailed it right?

I believe Victor was whispering to his wife, a remix of Prov 31:29, “Many women do grand things, baibe, but you surpass them all”

Kissing on the hood of an $200K car has never looked this good 🙂

You cannot say you have danced to an African song well, if your lips don’t pout (African Dance Tip 101) 🙂

Step on us, Lesley & Victor, we are your stepping stones 🙂

Victor whispers sweet ‘somethings‘ into his wife’s ear 🙂

Whoever coined the term ‘Cuteness Overload’ had these two lovebirds in mind

Ah, love is such a beautiful thing, thank you Victor & Lesley for blessing us with your love

When we Kenyans dance, the entire dance is in our facial expressions 🙂

Finally, a perfectly executed Dip. ***Goes to try it at home 🙂

This is called the ‘Penalty Pose’ for all y’all who were asking 🙂

And this is called the ‘Supporting-a-brother-who-is-proposing pose” 🙂

Lord bless me with a love that makes others uncomfortable to be around us kinda love.

The 4 sisters!!!! Daddy must have had really big dogs while these girls were growing up!

Victor is a man of the people, maybe God is calling you bro to elected office, who knows 🙂

Dear Future brides, when in doubt, have them wear black

Happy bunch of people. We had lots of fun during this afternoon shoot

We had to create our own Kenyan James Bond, his name is Victor though 🙂

This is how we are walking away from 2020, after it thought it had finished us. GodisnotDone

Since I still need a place to sleep in tonight, the girls were blowing a kiss to a guy standing behind me

Go get a room guys”. The room 👆

You have not truly lived until you have been kissed at the stables 🙂 **Updates bucket-list

The calm look you see here in this photo is very deceptive, this horse was buck wild! Kudos Victor & Lesley for being such great sports

Sorry for posting such a picture in January 🙂

Infinite Planners did a stellar job with the decor & planning. The black, gold and white theme came out superbly well

Checking into the reception to the singing and ululation of the women

This is when the MC was asked, “Who here still supports Arsenal?” 🙂

That cake was gorgeous to behold and to taste. Keky Tamu kudos on a job well done

1st task together and they executed it really well.

Is there someone you are sharing a fork with? Or should I just continue minding my own business 🙂

Yeah Ben, just continue minding your own business !

This was the song playing as they did the Father- Daughter dance

"Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved" -Luther Vandross

Lesley’s father hands her over to her husband, to continue dancing with his little girl where he left off

Once of the most beautiful & heart-warming 1st dances I have every witnessed

Lesley & Victor, thank you for lighting up this world with your child-like innocence and love

May God lead and guide you as you start this beautiful journey of two souls becoming one. Truly, forever is not long enough to live as friends.

Glory To God,

The Kiruthis

Please share it with someone who needs this


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