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There is a very famous movie by this title that came out in 2006. Though this has nothing to do with that movie, so please don’t watch it ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the quotes that I adore from the book Art of War states that

โ€œThere is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.โ€

One of the gravest mistakes I ever made in our marriage was underestimating my opponent/enemy and overestimating my own strength. I knew that the devil who was my enemy was cunning, I just did not know how cunning and clever he was. In my own naivety, I thought I had pretty figured out my enemy. He was this ancient serpent, crimson red in colour, holding a fiery fork and spotting two miniature horns a top his ugly head.

I was wrong, so wrong that it almost cost me our marriage and my own life.

The 21 century devil, wears Prada my friends. He hangs our in luxury hotels and drives a sleek black Mercedes. He is smooth, sleek and has the charm to win over 10 cities. Forget all those movies you have watched or cartoons growing up, he is not some dark character in a hoody with some blood shot eyes.

Easy Eve

For so long, I couldn’t imagine how silly Eve must have been to fall for the serpent. I always imagined her as this slaying Nubian queen, twirling her long hair on her index finger, whilst bursting bubbles with her chewing gum. I guess, just like me, Eve underestimated her enemy and that became the down fall of all humanity.

The devil of today is much more smarter than the Eden one, he has about 6,000 years of experience outsmarting humans. So, if you thought like me that Eve was too easy, erase that thought. She was dealing with one of the smartest opponents to ever face, and he hardly ever loses.

Silly Me

So, here was Ben, living in the 21st century. Full of the holy spirit, born & bred in church, looking forward to an electrifying happy ever after with my equally spirit filled wife. I told myself, I would show the world how a marriage was supposed to look and feel like.

Mine, I whispered to myself, would be different.

Struggling with sexual sin, was something I read off those Facebook groups, where the writer always asked the admin to hide their ID. Those stories amused me, how could someone be so weak? there was definitely something wrong with those humans. Why couldn’t someone just be faithful to one partner? Besides no one was holding a gun to their head when they got married. And why couldn’t people just wait till they got married to have sex? I knew it was hard, but a little self control was all we were asking for, LOL!

So, like Eve, I began strolling too close to the tree with the forbidden fruit. I knew God had told me not to touch that tree, and I knew I was too strong and too secure to fall for any flimsy reason to indulge in the enticing fruit.

The devil, though, this time around, was not the slimy serpent. He had morphed and unfortunately never sent me the memo. The devil was in form of skimpily dressed women in the streets of Nairobi, half dressed women in my Instagram feed and fully undressed women on the interwebs.

No Respecter of Persons

Let me tell you Maina. That devil doesn’t care if you on the highway to heaven, 7kms away from Paradise. He don’t care if you are the Bishop with 10 vibrant satellite churches, he don’t even care if you are the President of the United States. Anybody is game. His favourite game plan is sexual sin. Porn and Masturbation are on his new favourites’ list.

Do, you think if he is bold enough to tempt Jesus, the son of God, he will not come knocking on your flimsy door?Don’t be naive like me fam, don’t for one second think you can outsmart that old devil.

He is much, much smarter than you could ever imagine. He re-invents himself everyday and his R&D department are working round the clock to come with new ways to dupe you. Do not, I implore you, underestimate you enemy & overestimate your own strength.

I Discovered the Vaccine

Folks, I found the devil’s vaccine. This vaccine unfortunately has to be taken daily, twice a day if you can. Fortunately, there is no queuing up for it, no need to ‘know’ people, and affordable to all. This is the vaccine my friends

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
(James 4:7)

The vaccine is found in the part A of that verse. Submission to God, is the only way you will be able to resist that cunning devil. In fact, he will flee from you. My problem was that I was banking on my strength & will power to resist temptation, while all the while God was waiting for me to hand over the battle to Him.

Everyday, twice-a-day if you can, submit and surrender yourself to God. Stop trying to fight it on your own, imagining that you can outsmart your enemy. Give it to God, let Him deal with him, that battle friends, is not yours, it’s the Lord!


Please share it with someone who needs this


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